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THIS Weekend With the Funk Exchange!

NYFE is super excited to be playing their first festival of the season this Friday, 5/15 in PA! They will then pack up the white whale and  head to one of their favorite spots to play, The Thunderbird Cafe in Pittsburgh! Looking forward to one FUNKY weekend!


NYFE’s Sophomore Album!

The Funk Exchange has been hard at work getting their second album ready for release! It has been a long time coming, but trust me, it’ll be well worth the wait! Here are a few photos from the studio sessions. Enjoy!


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And so it begins…

Hey there FUNKERS!!

NYFE is starting off 2014 right! Smashing Serena and the guys into the “White Whale” and bringing the funk to as many places as they can drive to! Keep and eye out because they’ll be hittin your neighborhood in the upcoming months!